Affordable waste wood collection

We offer an alternative waste wood collection service which is 40% cheaper on average than an eight yard skip.

We also look at what waste wood can be reused instead of being chipped, which reduces landfill use and the production of methane gas. 


Where you do collect?

With a workshop in Granton, we collect waste wood from anywhere across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Who can book you?

Our waste wood collection service is available to trade and domestic customers – we collect from small businesses, residential properties, right up to large construction sites on behalf of multinational building companies.

Will you collect office furniture?

Yes, we will collect anything made from wood. 

Will you collect wood with screws, paint, adhesive, coated material, etc., attached?

Yes, we will collect anything made from wood.

What do you charge?

Our collection charges vary depending on the volume, type (e.g. pallet only or mixed wood) and location of the wood waste.

We are also flexible depending on your requirements. 


Call us on 0131 551 6937 or 07787256830 

Visit us at 3 New Broompark, EH5 1RS

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