High quality timber and firewood

We sell quality used timber which is 40% cheaper on average than new wood.

Our stock of timber changes regularly, but we usually carry plywood, floorboards and various construction timbers as standard.

We are also able to cut your wood to the exact size you need.

We supply bags of firewood and kindling during the winter.

How to buy

Our wood shop at 3 New Broompark, EH5 1RS, is open:

  • Monday-Friday
  • Saturday

We recommend that you phone ahead Monday-Friday to guarantee a member of staff is available before you set off. We usually are but we might be out on a waste wood collection! 

There is no need to phone ahead on a Saturday.

Free car parking is available. We also offer delivery.


Call us on 0131 551 6937 or 07787256830 

Visit us at 3 New Broompark, EH5 1RS