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We have a range of items now available for collection or delivery.
You can now order:
• Reclaimed ex-scaffold boards
Lengths of 1.2m-3.9m
220mm wide and 34mm thick
£5.50 per metre
• Kiln dried, Scottish spruce
47mm x 200mm (8in x 2in) 3m lengths for £11.50 each incl VAT
41mm x 136mm (5in x 2in) 3m lengths for £6.70 each incl VAT
Cutting and delivery also available
• Cross laminated timber beams
3m long, 20cm wide and 10cm thick
£12 each
• Selection of sheet material
18mm MDF for £12 per sheet
OSB Sterling board for £7 per sheet
• Reclaimed elm
158cm tall, 34cm wide and 7.5cm thick
Cleaned up and sanded
• Large carved oak reclaimed panels
1m tall and 75cm wide
£85 each
• Small carved oak reclaimed panels
1.6m tall and 47cm wide
£75 each
• Selection of hardwood
Various sizes
• Selection of vintage timber
Various sizes

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